Some TLC from Honnor Marine

I had noticed that the sealant around the strakes was quite cracked and would be starting to let water past, but I have never used Sikflex before. Not having a good record with the application of grout in the bathroom, I decided to let the experts at Honnor sort it for me. Fortunately, I was able to watch, so next time I’ll be able to do it myself.

A bead of sealant (Sikaflex) has been applied along the joint between the strake and the hull. Note that this does not have to be tidy and a small surplus has been applied.
The sikaflex (or equivalent) is spread along the joint with a wooden spatula to ensure that the joint is properly filled. Note that it is not neat yet and some sealant gets onto the hull and wooden strake, but this does not matter (as long as it is removed before it dries). Any excess is scraped off the spatula onto a card or waste cloth.
Using a succession of rags soaked in white spirits, the sealant is given a smooth finish and any overspill on the wood or hull is removed. It is important that any streaks of sealant are removed before they dry. The sealant will come off the wood easily, as long as it is varnished. The final wipe is with a dry cloth.
The final touches are being put to this job, and very neat it looks too!