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Baltic memories

I have put together a video of our wonderful trip this summer to the Baltic. Whilst my main photographic interest is still photography, and I am very pleased with a number of images I made in Sweden, I decided that video conveys something extra. Throughout the trip I took video clips on my iPhone- I decided to stick to 10 seconds for each clip. I’m not much of a videographer and I think I’ve shot too many sweeping pans really. I have had lots of fun editing the movie- I used Pinnacle Studio on my iPad to make it and have been very pleased with the results- so much more portable than using a desktop or laptop. The software is surprisingly powerful, given the platform it runs on, but the main benefit is being able to edit on the go. The quality of the rendered video is quite pleasing, but YouTube has degraded the quality a little- looks best if you can watch the HD version.