trip logs

Folly Inn

The Folly Inn is a lovely waterside pub on the river Medina, and is a popular destination for boaters, due to its large mid-river pontoon and efficient water taxi service, quite apart from the good food and drink.

Alice wanted to camp there with a friend, so we set off from POG four-up: myself, Alice, her friend Joely and Joely’s dad, Andy.

The weather was lovely and warm but the wind was light and right on the nose. Nevertheless we made efficient work of tacking up the Solent with the ebb, on all three sails and made good speed on the thankfully calm water.

Lots to see, as usual: hovercraft, ferries, cargo ships, sailing boats large and small, even a Spitfire giving us an aerobatic display overhead!

Motoring up the river in the evening sun, we were allocated a berth on the river pontoon and put the girls ashore with the camping gear. Andy and I got the shipshape and then rowed over to the folly in Aurelia. This was her first outing – a Walker Bay 8′ rowing boat. She rows really well with one aboard, but with two large adults, a lot of care is needed. I asked Andy to sit in the bows, and we nearly swamped her!

After a pleasant meal, good beer and a decision about the next day’s passage, we saw the girls to their peapod and returned to Aurora.

14.9nm, 4hrs

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