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Cape Cutter 19 rally – day 5 – Portavadie

We were greeted by the most glorious morning on our mornings at Kame. We had passed a most peaceful night and the water was glassy smooth.

We all made a leisurely start, waiting for the wind to fill in, rowing ashore, swimming or just sunbathing.

The boats departed one by one. Some left as soon as a zephyr of a breeze appeared and other waited for the breeze to fill in further. Those that left early got the best of it and slowly rounded Ardlamont Point into Loch Fyne.

Later boats ended up in very light airs, motoring between puffs to find some wind.

Having passed into Koch Fyne, the fleet had a very pleasing reach for about three quarters of the way to Portavadie; however the wind just stopped like a fan had been switched off. Perhaps the wind farms could turn electricity into wind for the benefit of sailors in such situations?

Portavadie is a new marina, sitting in a basin carved out of the granite. The facilities are very good and we enjoyed some well earned cool beers and a lovely meal to round off the day.


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