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Cape Cutter rally 2018 – day 3 – Rothesay

Today was an exceptional day, hot and sunny, though with (in contrast to the previous two days) light winds. The plan was to sail up the Firth to Holy Loch for lunch and then back south to end at Rothesay on the Isle of Bute.

The fleet set out from Inverkip in ones and twos. Early departers discovered the winds were pretty much non existent at Holy Loch, so the plan was changed and we all ran south, turning past the light at Toward Point and rounding into Loch Striven.

It was a day to have all the canvas up and the fleet made a lovely sight in the glorious sun. However, as the afternoon wore on, the winds became lighter and more variable, forcing our return to Rothesay.

The harbour at Rothesay is small and welcoming. It is dominated on the outside by the ferry terminal and one must adhere to the traffic lights when entering and leaving.

Rothesay is a town of faded grandeur, with large confident Victorian buildings, many of which (like many seaside towns of old) have sadly fallen into disrepair. However civic pride remains and the gardens are marvellous with meticulously pruned fruit trees and lawns like a billiard table. A key tourist attraction is the Victorian Toilets- a marvellously ornate tiled affair.

Dining choices were limited and we had a comedy meal at the local Indian restaurant. It described itself as Rothesay’s premier Indian restaurant, but was in fact its only Indian restaurant. The waiter was very new, but no one had explained the concept of a restaurant to him. The food was good, but something of a lottery as to whether it was the dish ordered!


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