New outboard bracket

An outboard engine is a necessary evil on Aurora and I hate running it for any length of time, partly due to the vibration it causes in the cockpit. In addition to this, despite being made from a sturdy piece of Iroko, I know of two Cape Cutters where the outboard bracket has split along the grain. To this end, when I noticed my outboard bracket and it’s stainless mount needed some TLC at the end of last season, I decided to fabricate an improved one over the winter.

The concept was to make a laminated bracket and add bushes to give improved damping. Like many of my mods on Aurora, they are based on ideas I’ve seen in other boats, and this was no exception- Cape Cutter “Ladybird”, sports just such a bracket.

I had access to some teak in the form of an old lab bench from work. This had a few millimetres planed off to give a good surface for bonding. Three oversize pieces were then clamped with crossing grain and glued with cascamite.

Once cured, the laminate was cut to size and some holes countersunk to receive bushes on each side. I gave the bracket half a dozen coats of varnish and left it for a month to harden before clamping it in place on the stainless bracket (which had also needed a weld repairing).

Henry Honda has also received some pre-season attention, in the form of some lubing and an oil change (mental note: perform lubing in autumn before winter storage).

I’m all set now for the Class Association rally in the Clyde next week…


2 thoughts on “New outboard bracket

  1. Love that rubber bush idea… would be interested in your thoughts as to how successful it was/is… on mine I tried the same by using that rubber decking material as the facing to the pad – not sure it was that succesful! :o)

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