YoGaff 2017

We were fortunate enough to find ourselves in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight this weekend, during the annual gathering of gaff-rigged boats from the local area. We were one of over a hundred boats rafted in the harbour; it was a wonderful sight with all the boats dressed with flags, pennants and bunting. A festival was taking place in the town itself, with market stalls, live music and entertainments all weekend. The OGA, who organise the waterside events, laid on many activities and it was great fun to meet other boat owners to compare notes. Alice in particular had a great time, being called up on stage to join the band on Friday night to play ukelele and entering the “log boat” competition with enthusiasm. In this event,she was given a wooden hull, a keel and a rudder, along with some simple tools, and the brief to build a toy boat to race across the harbour. She was at the screwdriver within minutes securing the parts. She cut, decorated and attached sails and had a wonderful time with “sea trials” adjusting her design so that it would reach in a straight line across the harbour. She was rewarded for all this effort when she won the race and I think we have a budding designer in the family…


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