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Trip Log: Launch in Port Dinorwic

  In the run-up to the Traditional Boat Festival at Holyhead in Anglesey, I decided to get a couple of extra days sailing in. I was even more delighted when Aimee volunteered to join me. 

A plan emerged to launch on the Menai Straits at Port Dinorwic, sail through the famous Swellies and round the North coast of Anglsey to Holyhead.
After chatting to several other Cape Cutter owners, there were four of us who were to make this trip to the festival- ourselves in Aurora, along with one of the newest Cape Cutters, Salty Dog, South African-built Halcyon and red-hulled Fraoch. 




Our departure was delayed by a day due to a flat battery in the tow vehicle, and so it was an early departure on Thursday morning. The early start was needed to ensure we were rigged in time to be launched before the tide went out.
An easy drive, an uneventful rig and a tractor launch (the second one this season) made a leisurely day. It was much more windy than forecast and we were hoping the wind would abate before our departure tomorrow. 

Aurora being reversed to the slipway for launch. 

After agreeing our passage details for the next day, we had a curry and an early night. 


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