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Trip Log: Seals in the Sun


The reason we anchored last night at Potton Island again was so that Alice could see the seals and this was our last chance. I had dropped the anchor in the same spot as before, hoping to see the two young seals near the boat again. To Alice’s delight, they did not disappoint and swam quite close to the boat, though having seen a Cape Cutter before, were not so interested as last time 😉

ERB_7445 ERB_7662 ERB_7664 ERB_7666

Aimee motored us up the creek a little way, but with very limited water and a falling tide, we soon turned back- I wanted to haul out today and it would be a very late finish if we got stuck! I thought I would sail against the ebb up the Roach for a while, so that we could reach the Crouch no earlier than low tide; that way we could ride the flood back to North Fambridge, where we would haul out.

2015-08-05 09.47.16

It was a lovely morning and the breeze was very light and I sailed Aurora up the Roach, past the cockle fishermen, on two sails as far as the moorings at Paglesham. The wind was very light at this stage and on the nose, so I ventured no further and turned about to head for the Crouch. We had a lovely sail back along the rivers, taking it in turn to helm. I enjoy the excitement of powering along, heeled over in a breeze, but drifting nearly silently along a river at about walking pace is blissful on a warm sunny day. We had plenty of time to watch the bird life on the banks and the sleepy seals.


2015-08-05 15.11.12

All too soon, we had passed though Burnham, wound through the reaches above there and it was time to drop the sails and tie up for the last time this trip. I took advantage of the tractor recovery by the lovely people at North Fambridge Yacht Haven and, with the girls’ help, soon had Aurora ready for the journey home. We set off late in the afternoon, tired but happy. A pleasing end to a most enjoyable trip.

Distance travelled 14.7nm; avg speed 3.5kts (max speed 7kts!)


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