trip logs

Trip log: Bradwell


When I woke this morning at anchor in Pyefleet Creeek off the river Colne, I watched several boats leaving on the last of the ebb and we perhaps should have used the tide to exit the Colne. However, I had promised Alice a swim before we set off this morning and it ended up with all three of us  in the water. It was not the best spot for a swim, as the water was quite muddy, but it was refreshing. There was no current by the time we went into the water, but the tide does run very fast through. During the night I had heard the water chattering past the hull and  when I got up, the critter cage was streamed out behind the boat. When I pulled it up, it had evidently rolled along the seabed. There was a lot of mud on it and, to Alice’s delight, it was almost full of shore crabs.

We departed agains the rising tide and motored past Brightlingsea. There was a breeze by this time, so we put all three sails up. Our target was to get into the river Crouch, but it was not to be. We were against the tide across the Blackwater and also beating upwind in light airs. It was clear it would take us a very long time, so we decided to head into the Blackwater instead and go into Bradwell marina. This was a much more favourable direction and we had a lovely sunny sail. The marina is near the mouth of the river, right next to the nuclear power station which provides the most obvious landmark on this water. It is reached up a small creek and we were soon tied up.

The girls enjoyed a shower and then we went for a walk to find a shop for some provisions. This was quite ambitious, as the village of Bradwell is some way from the marina and it was a Sunday afternoon; we enjoyed our walk, watching the straw being baled and felt we had earned an ice cream when we got back to the marina. Later, Alice and I flew the kite-cam and had a go at taking some photos of the marina, but I won’t be able to check the images properly until I get home.

Distance travelled 10.8nm; avg speed 3.8kt



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