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Trip Log: River Colne

Today was very much a family day. We were joined by both my parents and Niki’s parents and took two trips out with various crews. On both trips, we beat up the river a short distance, though with the very light winds, progress was very slow. Still, it was nice to drift along watching the wildlife on the banks and mud flats. My parents and father in law all enjoyed a sail in Aurora too.

We also had time to explore Brightlingsea in the morning. On this particular week, the. Water front was bustling with Colne Yacht Club having their cadet week. Alice and I walked along the sea front with its long characteristic row of colourful beach huts (though few seemed active) to the landmark tower at the mouth of the harbour. Built in victorian times, it has a commanding view of the Colne estuary and has been restored with its conical roof and acts as race control box for the yacht club. The tower was built by Bateman for his daughter, who was recovering from consumption. It leans at a slightly rakish angle (it’s in wikipedia’s list of leaning towers) and one wonders about its long term future, as it’s built on shingle. Bateman’s Tower is a very useful local feature though, because it makes it very easy to make out where the harbour mouth is when approaching the town by boat.

The high street is also interesting, as it has almost all independent shops, including a proper butcher and baker. There’s no candlestick maker, but there is an excellent hardware shop.

We had an excellent evening meal at the Black Buoy in Wivenhoe, though we did travel there by car. Certainly an interesting place to take Aurora one day.


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