trip logs

Fambridge Yacht Haven

A big advantage of a trailer sailer is that it’s easy to change plans. Our plan for this trip was to visit Lundy, but it was not to be. The forecast for the whole week was poor and, so we started looking at where the best weather was forecast. It turns out that the weather is not predicted to be good anywhere, but the East coast seemed least worst.
 We have spent several trips in the Suffolk rivers, and I was interested in venturing further South into the rivers of the Essex coast. This has the benefit of good shelter and a number of marinas. We decided that, with a wet and windy weekend forecast, we’d use the boat as a floating caravan.
 Fambridge Yacht Haven was our chosen base, with easy road access, good shelter and a tractor launch included in the slipway fee.
 After an uneventful drive, we arrived in steady rain. Niki and the kids took shelter in the cafe, whilst I rigged the boat. Given the weather, a swift and easy launch by tractor was much appreciated.
 We drove to Burnham for dinner, eating the Sgt Pepper 60’s themed restaurant. Plans were hatched for a weekend ashore- a trip to London in Saturday and visiting relatives on Sunday.
 The rain cover was pressed into service and it was pleasant to lie in a bunk, listening to the wind and rain. The cover, though not perfect, allows us to sleep with the washboards out, so the interior doesn’t get too humid.

 It was very windy overnight and A peek out at dawn revealed a red sky (in the morning). Saturday promised clearing but very windy weather, followed by heavy rain on Sunday. Off to London for the day…


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