International Cape Cutter Week 2015 Day 6: Going Home

The forecast for Friday seemed to be saying that the wonderful weather we had been experiencing during Cape Cutter week was coming to an end. Very strong wind and heavy rain was forecast for the middle of the day, so we rose at 4am (!) to get home before the bad weather reached us. It was a wonderful dawn with a moderate breeze to carry us back to Levington. We left Titchmarsh at low tide and the waters were very shallow beneath the centre plate as we made our way towards Harwich almost dead downwind. As we turned up the Orwell we had a fantastic reach and with the flooding tide, made over 6kts.

This was the final sail of the week; as we helped each other to recover the boats, I reflected on how lucky we had been with the weather. We sailed in four rivers, ran the first ever Cape Cutter class race and, best of all brought together the owners of 15 Cape Cutters. Here’s to Cape Cutter Week 2016…


2 thoughts on “International Cape Cutter Week 2015 Day 6: Going Home

  1. Well done to everyone who participated to make a such a successful event. I know your organisation was key to this happening Charles and we wish you many great class events in the future. Next summer I know there is talk of Chichester…. I would hope to try and get back to UK for a few days for that one but without Kaliope….. Θα δόυμε… 😉

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your kind words. My family and I enjoyed the event immensely. You both would be most welcome at any event; we had one owner attend this year who was not able to bring his boat, so there is a precedent for this. There always seems to be space on one boat or another for extra crew…

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