trip logs

Trip log: Titchmarsh

There has been a high pressure system parked over England, so we have had quiet weather for about a week now. The trouble is that it has brought a strange mist with it, so a.though the sky is largely clear, the sun has seemed cool and hazy. Given the light winds, we chose a short journey for our last passage of the trip and decided to head for Titchmarsh Marina in the Walton Backwaters. The crew for this trip comprised myself and Niki, and Alice, which was a welcome surprise when she asked to come along. 


We had a beat on genoa, staysail and main against the tide down the Orwell. There was a lot of activity in Felixstowe harbour, though that did not prevent us from making a few beats quite close the dock. It was slow progress, but very enjoyable in the hazy sun. Eventually, we were able to bear off Pennyhole Bay to pick up the safe water mark which is the first in the chain which leads into “Secret Water”. We managed to sail all the way to the Marina entrance before motoring to a berth at this peaceful marina. We then spent the rest of the afternoon in the cockpit, drinking tea and watching the world go by.

11.7nm; avg speed 2.8kts.




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