trip logs

Trip log: Waldringfield

After a quiet night on our mooring at Felixstowe Ferry with the lapping sound of the current passing under the boat, Jeff made a brief sortie ashore for water and we sailed on the rising tide up the River Deben. This river is a most beautiful place, but in the flat grey light, looked rather bleak. We passed Ramsholt and arrived at Waldringsfield with the waterside Maybush pub. We had left Aurelia inflated, towed behind, so that we could pop ashore. I am pleased to report that there were several well-kept real ales and that the weather had warmed enough for us to enjoy our drink al fresco.

Returning to Aurora, we had a quick lunch and deflated Aurelia. Returning to the mouth of the river, we tried valiantly to sail upwind against the incoming tide,but soon had to admit defeat and motor. The flood was very strong by now and Henry had to fight hard against the current. We reached the safe watermark expecting the gusty breeze we had experienced on the river to be a good sailing breeze. However, as we were sailing downwind, there seemed to be very little strength to it. We did make good time on the last of the flood and soon reached the entrance to to Felixstowe.


I had watched the AIS to see if there were any large ships on the way in or out. It is amazing how quickly these monsters appear over the horizon; knowing one was coming (the outgoing tug boats were a clue!) we put sails down and motored towards the channel at low revs until it had passed and than crossed the channel as quickLy as possible. Turning up river was a reach, so we were able to put the sails up and use the light breeze to sail all the way back to Levington.

21.8nm; avg speed 2.5kts.



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