trip logs

Trip log: On the Orwell

Returning from her three nights away, Aurora has had some irritating problems. Firstly, the main was not working, secondly the masthead lights were not working and finally the furler on the bowsprit was jamming frequently.  There was little wind, so Aimee and I sat in the cockpit, she reading and me trying to sort out these problems. A short spell with multimeter and soldering iron fixed the electrical problems. I fiddled with the furler, but I’m not sure I effected any permanent solution. 


Nonetheless, the sail needed testing, so we nosed out into the Orwell with Aimee at the helm. The tide was rising rapidly and we sped downwind; I had been hoping to reach Royal Harwich Yacht Club, but I was concerned about how long it would take us to return uptide and upwind.


I can report that the Genoa worked perfectly and we an enjoyable beat. It was quite a misty day, but close to Levington, we sailed into a fog bank which reduced visibility to less than 50m. It was quite disorientating, and I was glad we were only a few hundred metres from the marina approach.




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