trip logs

Trip log: River Alde

It was a cold clear night with a beautiful sky, but the next morning was rather uninspiring, with a brisk NE breeze and low cloud. We set off with high hopes to sail up to Snape Maltings, but it soon became clear that we would be head to wind a lot of the way, so we reluctantly fired up Henry. Even with the rising tide, Henry struggled a bit against the wind and it became rather a slog making progress up the river. We soon felt pretty cold and I was getting a little concerned about our low fuel level, so we decided to stop after 4nm at Aldeburgh.

The Yacht club at Aldeburgh has a pontoon, and we moored gratefully to that and went into the clubhouse. We were made very welcome there and soon had hot drinks, hot showers and hot meals, in that order. The rest of the family joined us, which was just as well because there was no petrol station in the town, the nearest being five miles away. Jeff happily drove me to fill up Henry’s tank, and I took the opportunity to resupply the larder too. Although the day had brightened up considerably, there were no takers to sail up river, so we wandered around Aldeburgh. This is a very attractive town, and the buildings are well maintained. It seemed there was lots of money about and the town was very busy on this bank holiday. 

Time and Tide wait for no man, and it was soon time for us to set off again. Alice wanted to join us, which would have been great, but she did not have enough warm clothes, so we promised her a sleep over the next night instead. We followed the tide back downstream on staysail only and had a most enjoyable run. There was much wildlife to see, the highlights being avocets, marsh harriers and a hunting barn owl. We were very soon anchored in Abrahams Bosom and watching a glorious sunset. 



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