trip logs

Trip log: back to base

it was an uninspiring morning which greeted us. The forecast rain was a few hours later than expected and started at first light. Aimee and I had a leisurely breakfast in the cabin and I had a mooch in the chandlery. The rain finally abated and we nosed out of Titchmarsh against the rising tide. We hoisted the reefed main straight out of the harbour, but it proved to be a bit of hindrance as the channel is narrow and the wind dead downwind. Rather than drop the sail, I scandalised it until we turned into Pennyhole Bay. We then romped into the mouth of the Orwell, scarcely dropping below 6kt on reefed main and staysail. 


A few gybes past the container ships later and helped by the rising tide, we dropped the sails and took a berth back in Levington. A lovely sail after an unpromising morning.

10.2nm, avg speed 3.8kt



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