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Baltic Blog: Finally Furusund

Friday 15th August
 Today was the last sail of this trip. The first leg of the journey home was for Aimee and I to sail Aurora to Furusund, ready for haul out and the drive home.
 We decided to use this sunny morning to get some good pictures of the four of us in Aurora. After three weeks in the archipelago, with Trev and I both keen photographers, we had still not achieved this. I gave Trev my camera, and with Stefan driving the power boat, he took some fantastic pictures. The breeze was light but Aimee filled all three sails nicely. I’m very pleased with the results; thanks Trev!

Having put Alice and Niki on the

power boat, Aimee and I sailed on, round the East of Svartlöga through the winding course of bouys which leads through the “minefield”. In the bright sun, light breeze and downwind course it was lovely and hot- swimming costume only!
 It seems compulsory, when we are in the narrowest part of the channel, for a high speed power boat to pass us. Accordingly, as we passed into the channel, I could see the ferry “Sjögull” coming. We knew from last time we passed through this channel that the skipper takes no prisoners and I took the chance to sail in some safe water out pc the channel, as he powered past at about 20kts.
 Our course took us dead downwind from Svartlöga to Blidö and we passed close to the shore of pretty Söderöra, an island which we had not managed to visit.
 Aimee asked for a swim, so I anchored at Blacke for her. There was a pleasing symmetry to this, a this is where we had anchored for lunch when Aimee and I had made this journey together in reverse at the start of the trip.
 We did not stop long and were soon on our way again. I took I the sakis and made ready for harbour as we rounded the tip of Yxlan. Aimee took us past the car ferry and into Furusunds Gasthamn. We picked up the stern buoy and Aimee confidently took Auroras nose up to the jetty; I stepped off, made her fast and that was it- the last sail of the trip complete.
 Furusund was much quieter this week. A week ago, we took the last spot when we visited; today there were only three visiting boats.
 The staff were very friendly and we secured a discount for being Cruising Association members, even though I had lost the discount card. We enjoyed a lovely ice cream and free wifi and watched the world go by for a bit.

Dinner was a mystery meal, consisting of some bits and pieces from the recesses of the cupboard (tinned ham, noodles, garlic, the remains of the herbs from our garden)augmented with some fresh veg I was able to find at a local petrol station (an onion, some carrots). Tinned ham in a tomato and vegetable sauce with spinach noodles sounds nicer than it was…
 Today, I did several things I haven’t done for three weeks- connected to mains electricity, used a flushing toilet and had a shower.


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