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Baltic Blog: Gliding across a glassy sea

Thursday 14th August
 We awoke on our anchorage at Storskär to a morning in complete contrast to the evening before. The water was glassy smooth and there was not a breath of wind.

We had a leisurely breakfast of the bread bought on Rödlöga two days previously. This loaf had criticised for its dark colour and heavy texture (Caroline dubbed it “Dwarf Bread”- Terry Pratchett readers will understand this reference). However, it turned out to be really nice, with an almost aniseed flavour.
 After another walk to the beach of “princess stones” (as Alice dubbed it) there was a ghost of a breeze. We slipped our warps and set off for Svartlöga. Even though the sea was glassy, there was a faint breeze and being on the beam, we made two knots. There was an eerie quiet over the water; we could hear wavelets lapping on rocks some distance away and people talking on yachts a mile away.
 Aimee gave Alice a lunchtime cooking lesson and the girls had an eclectic meal of noodles, baked beans and hot dog sausages. Niki and I had more dwarf bread.

By this time our breeze had stopped breathing and so the girls opted for a swim. When that was over, there was nothing for it but to fire up Henry Honda and motor the rest of the way back to Svartlöga.


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