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Baltic Blog: Furusund and Högmarsö


Today did not promise much of a sail. Although the weather was hot and sunny, the sea was glassy calm and there was not a breath of wind in the harbour.

Nonetheless, a family sailing trip was called for, so provisions were loaded and off we set. I was lovely to have us all together on a trip and, turning west along the South side of Svartlöga we found a gentle breeze to waft us along. There was plenty of wildlife to see, the highlight being another sea eagle.

Pace was very slow and the girls were feeling very hot, so I trailed a fender on a warp behind the boat and the girls (including Niki) jumped in and swam along behind the boat (or hung on the rope), which was a pleasant diversion until the breeze filled in and the boat speed picked up.

Having crossed from Svartlöga to the bottom end of Blidö, we turned North up the sound between that island and Yxlan. One aim of this trip was to identify a slipway from which to recover Aurora at the end of the trip. Trevor had mentioned that he had seen a slip somewhere up the sound; we found it, but preferred the slipway a Furusund.

Rounding the northern tip of Yxlan, we turned South again and, pausing to give way to the chain ferry (!), we moored up in Furusund harbour. This was the first time we have used a stern buoy to moor bow-to on a pontoon. Between all of us, we made a pretty good job of it and were soon exploring what Furusund had to offer (primary objectives: slipway and ice creams). We found both; I was pleased to find a (free!) concrete slipway and the girls enjoyed some good ice creams.

We decided not to stay on, and moved to Högmarsö for a free pontoon berth and a supermarket for provisions. Sadly the supermarket was closed by the time we got there, so we had to content ourselves with a dinner from Aurora’s stores (chilli and rice, followed by hot chocolate and biscuits).


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