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Baltic Blog: North to Lönnskär

Friday 1st August
 Trev and I were the only takers for an overnight trip today. There were lots of suggestions for where we should go, but I decided to use the SW breeze to take us North to “Chocco” (Tjockö). After a bit of faffing (airing damp stuff, victualling and washing), Trev and I left Svartlöga. The wind was very nearly due South actually and we whizz end downwind, gybing over to the North-going channel between Svartlöga and Rödloga. The breeze built and built and we went from all three sails, to main and staysail and then, as our course was dead downwind, staysail only. even then we were travelling at an average of 4.5kt. There was a bit of trepidation when we crossed the E-W channel and a huge passenger ferry was beaming out of the East towards Norrtalje. Having avoided the shipping, we snuck into a narrow channel and passed some civilisation- a bar and restaurant, a marina, kayak hire, fish shop. Since we needed none of these (possibly the former, but did I mention that I did some victualling before departure?).
 After some exciting gybing through channels between small islands, we arrived at our target- a small natural anchorage, with excellent shelter from the southerly breeze. It took us a couple of goes, but we soon had Aurora with her bowsprit over the rock, one bow warp tied to a large rock and the other to a fallen tree.
 Trev and I perfected the disembarking procedure and went for a walk on the new island. The terrain is rather different here, as it has steeper and higher rocks. It also has more soil and therefore dense pine forest. This latter meant two things- firstly, there was not much of a view and secondly, there was a profusion of blueberries to be picked. This was serendipity in action, as I had not long mentioned to Trev how I would like some fruit and there was none aboard!
 After admiring some of the local boats in the deeper moorings, we retired to Aurora for some beer and nuts as an aperitif before our hot meal from the thermal cooker. Washing up done and bread for the morning made, we enjoyed a coffee in the cockpit as the sky turned from blue to orange with no sound but the breeze in the pines and the lapping of the water.
 Total distance 16nm, avg speed 3.5kts
 Here’s our overall route:

And here’s where we tucked into:


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