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Baltic Blog: Lay Day

After our expedition, we had a late start on Tuesday. There was little wind when we woke, anyway. The morning was spent swimming, during which Trevor laid buoys on the rocks in the harbour entrance. The water is extremely shallow in places!

After lunch we had a walk from the jetty through the village. Svartlöga had a permanent population until a little after WW2 (it was saved from invasion by the Russians due to the large number of rocks around this island, so the story goes). The population were sustained by herring fishing and there were cattle (the “pasture” is now a football pitch). Until a few years ago, there was also a shop, but that finished when the shopkeeper finally retired. With no permanent population on the island, there is only enough trade to keep a small ice cream and sweet shop open; they were doing a roaring trade today. The photo shows the middle of the village; the shop was the middle building on the left.

By the time we got back to the house, there was too good a breeze to waste, so Niki, Jarn, his daughter Millie and I went for a turn around the bay. The new “channel markers” worked a treat and for the first time, we did not scrape the bottom once. We had a lovely sail on main and staysail, beating out to a nearby island and then a reach and a run back. Almost 6 nm.


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