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Baltic Blog: Back to Kallskar

 A new overnight expedition was called for and a good South Easterly breeze seemed to offer a chance to explore to the West. So it was that Aimee, Jan, Millie and I set off for an over night trip. We beat towards Rödloga, but the wind had shifted and we had to beat along the channel too. The girls wanted a lunchtime swim stop, so I took us to Vindelskar again, though we anchored this time. History repeated itself for us, as the sky grew darker and rain promised and strong winds blew up. We had swum and lunched by then, so I had the anchor up before the rain arrived. However this time, when the rain set in, the wind dropped to almost nothing and soon we were motoring South with the main flopping about.
 A decision was made to seek shelter from the nearest island, which was… Kallskar! However, I was happy enough: the others were happy to see that island and I did not relish motoring the 7nm to our planned destination. This time the harbour was even fuller, but we ended up on precisely the same anchorage as last time!
 After the girls had another swim and Jan and I had a walk, we had a lovely dinner from the thermal cooker, a kidney bean casserole with lamb and chorizo.
 14.5nm; avg speed 3.3kts.


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