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Baltic Blog: First exploration


After our long journey, and reunited with Niki and Alice at our friend’s summer house on Svartloga, we decided to have a restful day. The summer house was busy, as Trevor and his family wee joining his mother and brother and his family; thirteen of us in all. We were treated to the usual high standard of catering and all enjoyed the continuing sunshine.

After resting in the morning, we sailed a couple of miles to the nearby island of Vikskobbarna, in company with Trevor’s motor boat and all the children. This island is off the “channel”, so although there are plenty of rocks charted, the concern in these areas is the uncharted ones.

We nosed our way gingerly into a small bay successfully and, though we did not moor up “Swedish style” (ie bow moored directly to the rocks), we anchored Aurora within a yard or two of the shore. The rocks in many places dip sharply, so that deep water is available right next to the rocks.

We had a good swim here with the children practicing swimming under the boat- it was very pleasant to get in the water, as the weather was continuing hot and humid.


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