Rigging a Cape Cutter 19

This is a video I made when Aimee and I rigged Aurora at Suffolk Yacht Harbour this Easter. The video is speeded up quite considerably and I have edited out the times a car went past. The rigging went as quickly as it has ever done and you can see the steps involved. I have made a few changes this season to the way the boat is rigged; I have left the boom bolted to the tabernacle now and this should save a bit more time when rigging and de-rigging. On the other hand, I am now trying the staysail hanked on, rather than furling, and this might take a little longer to rig. The video quality is not very good because I set the camera up facing into the light, so I had to alter the brightness of the video footage which has made it rather grainy. I’ll have to try it again with beter lighting and a plainer background.



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