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Trip log: A day in Gweek

Quite a different day dawned on Thursday, after our sunny evening in the cockpit on Wednesday, but although it was cool and overcast, it was not actually raining. An important objective in sailing to Gweek was to visit the seal sanctuary, which (along with a pub lunch) took up most of the day. This still gave us an hours snooze before the tide (the biggest spring tide of the cycle) lifted us off the mud. Here’s a photo of a pair of swallows resting on our warp.

An Asian Short Clawed Otter at the Seal sanctuary.

Gweek Quay at low tide.

We were soon motoring down the Helford, past Tremayne Quay and on to the first of the moorings. Though I set the main and staysail, the wind was so confused along the river valley that they gave no more than an occasional shove. However, as soon as the mouth of the river opened up, the wind settled to a NE and it was a reach towards the buoy for August Rock and the we hardened up towards Zone Point. The breeze filled in nicely and, with all three sails out, we made fantastic time; the GPS barely dipped below 5kts for the whole run across the bay.
 Given the wind direction, we decided to anchor at St Mawes and had to pick our way around the evening race, which included boats from small dinghies to full size yachts. Finally, we dropped anchor near the harbour wall and enjoyed a pastie and a slice of cake in the cockpit, before retiring to the cabin.


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