trip logs

Trip log: Four in Mylor

International Cape Cutter Week 2014, Mylor

Day 1

It was an early start for us on Saturday; Aurora was hitched and ready to go the night before, so we jumped in the van and were on the road shortly after 4.30. This paid off because we managed to avoid the holiday traffic and arrived at Mylor before 10am.

It took slightly longer than usual to rig because I had varnished the boom, gaff and bowsprit, so they needed some checking, but we were mostly rigged before the other boats started arriving.

It was lovely to finally have a group of Cape Cutters together and we were soon swapping notes on our boats and helping each other to rig up. For Sapphire, it was a first rig and the first time she had been in the water. It was interesting to see how a brand new boat arrives- it comes with a bog box of ropes and another of blocks and shackles. Fortunately they are all neatly labelled with luggage tags. However, on the downside, there was a fitting missing on the mast, so some extra attention was needed.

After a textbook launch, time was getting on, so we decided to have an early night, and finished the day with a pontoon barbecue. Looking forward to four or even five Cape Cutters sailing together.







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