Aerial photography

Kite-cam improvements

Whilst moored on the Deben, I had a chance to try out my improvements to the kite-cam rig for aerial photography with my gopro.


I have added pulleys and used a longer picavet cradle, in order to better damp the oscillation of the kite. I am getting better at aiming the camera and I’m pleased with the stability improvements.


However, I notice that the weight of the camera rig tends to stall the kite sometimes and I wonder if the tail could do with more drag to correct the angle of attack. The pulley are also lined up the wrong way and don’t seem to help with the main problem, movement at right angles to the kite line. Further, I wonder if a larger cross would’ve more stable. I can feel a Mark 2 coming on…

For those who have asked, here are some shots of the rig I used today.




9 thoughts on “Kite-cam improvements

    1. The picavet works well but the kite is not stable enough. I was thinking of making my own kite; something which rolls up small is important, but I think I need more lift

      1. I’ve built and flown a lot of kites, though not recently. The most stable kite I’ve ever had was a simple box. A box would roll up, but the roll would be as long as the spars. Long thin things are pretty easy to store on my boat, though!

      2. My current kite rolls up into a 2ft tube. You’re right, long and thin is easy to store. Thanks for the tip; I’ll google some box kite designs. I know carbon fibre spars are easy to buy

      3. A box kite is four spars and two rectangles of material. I’m going to take the bits on board next time and make one when I have a chance. I’ll look forward to seeing yours.

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