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Back to the Deben

Tue 22nd April

With the children enjoying some time with grandma and grandad, I wanted to take Niki to see the Deben. This river has a reputation as one of the most beautiful in Suffolk. I decided to sail Aurora first to Felixstowe ferry, which is just inside the mouth of the river, and then sail the whole navigable length to Woodbridge the next day.

We set out from Levington just after lunch, timing our journey to reach Woodbridge Haven, just outside the shallow mouth of the Deben, at the optimum time, HW-2.

Unfortunately this meant not just a beat out of the Orwell, but also against the rising tide. As we had resolved to sail (rather than motor), it took us about two hours against a blustery breeze. However there is always something interesting to see in Felixstowe docks and the time passed agreeably enough.

By the time we reached the mouth of the river, the wind had abated and swung to the SW. The sun came out and we had a lovely run, shaking out the reef and switching from staysail to yankee.

Quite soon, we were entering the Deben with almost 2kt of tide under us and, even though it was not far from HW, there was less than 1m of water under the plate as we crossed the shallow part between the shingle banks.

Felixstowe Ferry looked lovely in the peaceful Afternoon sun and we quickly picked up a mooring in the shelter of the town.

Dinner tonight was chilli beef with mushrooms, served with rice. Not my finest culinary hour (I forgot several ingredients), but hot and filling.


Whilst that was finishing in the thermal cooker, I had a chance to try out my mark 1b kite-cam rig, in a steady breeze and golden light.


With a sunny day in prospect tomorrow, we look set to see the river Deben at its Spring best.

14.4nm; avg spd 3.5kts



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