trip logs

Three Suffolk Rivers

Saturday 19th April

An early start was called for to get out of the Deben. Having got into Felixstowe Ferry the previous night, I was surprised at how little water there was even at HW. The local information, updated in the nick of time by the Deben Estuary Pilot, showed barely over a metre of water at LWS, so we had to get out well before then. With a strong onshore breeze forecast later, the early escape was definitely called for.

Casting off at 0600, we whipped down the estuary and were swept at 6-8kts SOG out to the safe water mark. Then, with main and staysail, it was a very pleasant run down past Felixstowe in some early sun.

20140420-091731.jpgJeff at the helm

The sea was calmer than the day before, so I took the opportunity to cook some porridge; the first time I had cooked and eaten a hot meal whilst underway.

Entering the Orwell, we beat past Harwich and turned into the river Stour. We the had a very pleasant three-sail reach down river, enjoying some more un-forecast sun. At Wrabness, we tacked round and reached back again, enjoying all the goings on going on.

That’s a big dive boat! This pic is for fellow blogger, New England Waterman; Red7 Reel is a support vessel for the North Sea gas and wind turbine industries.

Wherever you look, you can see Felixstowe docks!

By the time we got back into the Orwell, we had the rising tide under us and the breeze had freshened considerably, so we quickly made it up to Levington.

Total distance 19nm, avg speed 3kts.


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