trip logs

Orwell to Ipswich

Thursday 17th April

With the fine weather holding and after a day off, it seemed a shame to waste an opportunity, so I decided it was a chance to introduce my father in law to Cape Cuttering. With the wind a variable NW F2-4, we set off into the channel and had a lovely beat up the river on main and staysail, under the impressive Orwell road bridge up as far as the lock gates for Ipswich wet dock, arriving shortly before HW.


A vacant mooring (there are plenty of empty ones at the moment) provided a convenient lunch spot. The sky had clouded over by now, but the run back downstream was very pleasant nonetheless. We ended the trip on staysail alone, as I readied the boat for the marina. I even managed a single-handed pontoon docking, using the patented “Russell” technique.

14nm, 4h, avg speed 3.5kts.



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