trip logs

Up the Orwell

Tuesday 15th April 2014

After a fabulously clear and restful night at anchor, I left Aimee catching up with even more sleep, to have a go at kite aerial photography from the cockpit. Aiming the gopro is quite hard and I had tried last night, but been decidedly off-centre. This morning there was less wind, but I managed a fair “selfie”.


Once the tide had come in enough, we motored gingerly up the channel, clearing the bank between Landermere Creek into the main Hamford Water. There then followed a beat up the narrow channel out to sea. At least, there was plenty of water, just not much with enough depth!

After an hour of this, Aimee tired and wanted another sleep, so she went below and so, solo, I pointed Aurora out to sea, so I would need just the one fetch back to Harwich. It was sunny with light winds, over a short chop, which conspired to stop Aurora nearly in her tracks.

Still, once I had tacked, I judged the track past Beacon Cliff breakwater at the entrance to the harbour very nicely (even if I say so myself!). The wind swirled all over the place in the harbour, but we had a pleasant sail on various points of sail.

The tide was rising up the Orwell, so we followed it up past the marina, past Pin Mill and to Woolverstone in sight of the Orwell road bridge. At this point, both the tide and the wind seemed to give up, so we fired up Henry Honda and turned tail. We got a shock though, as we turned onto Long Reach- straight into a stiff breeze and a nasty chop. Giving Henry full, chat we went as quickly as possible along the shore, past the nature reserve at Levington and back into the marina.

20140415-205954.jpgXylonite, who spent the night moored a little further along Hamford Water from us. She sailed back after we left and we saw her again on her mooring near Pin Mill



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