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Trip log: Skerries Lighthouse

Sunrise on Tuesday was spectacular but by the time we got up, the sky had clouded over and rain was threatening. Despite the slightly uninviting weather, we decided to make for the Skerries, a group of islands off the North Western corner of Anglesey and some 10 miles from Holyhead. The winds were light and North Westerly, so we beat along Holyhead Bay rather slowly, but it was lovely to sail with all the canvas up. We had a fair tide carrying us along, so although our speed through the water was modest, we made reasonable time.

Dropping sails, we motored finally into the small lagoon between the main islets and below the lighthouse. We surprised some large, frisky seals and picked up a mooring, which I had been told had only been laid the day before!

Skinny dipping and hot drinks were had, shortly before several other boats arrived for the HW slack. One of the boats, a RIB of RAF Valley, offered us a lift ashore, so we were able to stretch our legs. The sky had cleared and the sun was out by now and we were afforded marvellous views of Anglesey, the lighthouse and our little ship in the lagoon.

After the tide had turned, it was time to make our way back and although the sun was shining, there was very little wind. Even with the ebb to carry us along, there was not enough wind for steerage, so we had to admit defeat and wake up Mr. Honda. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant plod back to base.


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