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Trip log: Porth Trefadog

Wednesday was haul out day, but it dawned such a lovely morning that it seemed a shame to waste it. So it was, we decided to sail across the bay to a small sandy beach and anchor for swimming and lunch. A new addition to the harbour was a cruise liner, which certainly looked impressive, so we to the opportunity to sail close along her sides as we made our way through the harbour.

The wind was very light and we fetched gently across with all sails. Porth Trefadog was technically a lee shore, but the wind was so light that there was almost no swell at all. Therefore we motored into the narrow cove and then did a 180 degree turn, before dropping the pin and then reversing firmly to dig it in.

After a pleasant interlude, we had to face up to returning to port and recovering the Aurora onto her trailer. The wind had died completely, so it was a motor back. I was thus able to use the time to take off the sails and prepare for de-rigging.

We had been offered use of the lifeboat slipway to recover, which has a good steep surface. It was almost high tide when we pulled aurora out and it was a textbook recovery.

Overall a very successful trip, a most enjoyable Old Gaffers Association gathering and we have been made to feel most welcome by Holyhead Marina.


2 thoughts on “Trip log: Porth Trefadog

  1. Hi, I really enjoy your posts. Are the log plots you show taken from the Montanna GPS? They are really clear. I’m seriously thinking of buying a CC19 they look great little boats. I’m going to have a good look at the Southampton Boat Show, I currently have a Mirador, my cruising area is the Bristol Channel sailing from Barry how do you think it would cope considering the tidal limits?

    1. Hi Keith,
      Glad you have enjoyed reading about Aurora’s travels. The tracks on this post and many others are screen grabs from Navionics on my ipad. More recently, I have taken to emailing myself the tracks and then opening them in Google Earth, which also looks cool. I have a Garmin72, which is old but works well enough. That also records tracks and I can download with a serial cable (!) to a computer and view them in Google Earth too.

      Glad to hear you are interested in buying a Cape Cutter. As you can probably tell, we love ours and have not regretted the purchase for one minute. You can see the range of sailing we’ve done in her; as for the tides, they will limit any sailing boat. As with any small sailing boat, it becomes even more important to take advantage of fair tides. I’d like to do some sailing in the Bristol Channel myself next season and plan to visit Lundy at least. Make sure you have a good chat to Bob at the show and feel free to ask questions on the class association forum (you don’t have to be an owner to join the forum). Check out

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