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Holyhead Traditional Boat Festival – Saturday

The Traditional Boat Festival is held each year at Holyhead Marina and is organised by the Old Gaffers Association. This was its seventh year (our second time) and attracts a range of traditional craft of all sizes. It’s an easy trail for us to Holyhead and I chose a longer route which avoids the winding mountain roads of mid Wales and brings the benefit of the very scenic drive across the coast of North Wales.

Having rigged up, I elected to use the lifeboat slipway at Holyhead Sailing Club which is a good concrete ramp, rather than the gravelly slip of the marina. The weather was very peaceful all day on Friday, but grew very windy overnight, so I had my doubts about the sailing for Saturday.

As it turned out, the wind abated to a wonderful sailing breeze and the main event of the festival’s first day was a race. This proved to be very exciting; Niki helmed very effectively and the girls had a wonderful time. So many beautiful boats under full sail in the sun made a beautiful sight.

We had a problem with our Yankee (again!), but I have now tracked this down to a problem with the furling drum and I hope this is now solved. The next sail will tell us….

The day was rounded off with a tasty meal in the sailing club followed by some music.


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