trip logs

Trip log: shore leave

After a peaceful night at Truro, we had a lovely chug down river to Falmouth, staying in Port Pendennis Marina. This was followed by beer, folk music and dancing at a pub on the quay with Ben and Sally. The following day, the girls wanted to do some shopping, so we had a day ashore wandering along Falmouth High Street and visited the National Maritime Museum.

Sadly, the weather the next day was not as nice, but after a morning ashore at the museum (ticket lasts a year!) we sailed across the road and up the Percuil in convoy with Aimee helming Zephyr with Russell and Ben, Sally and Max on their Dart. We anchored for a cup of tea, but the wind direction was not good for the Percuil, so we sailed back to Mylor and trickled up the creek a little way.

This was a perfect spot, so Zephyr picked up a spare mooring and we rafted on for a barbecue. Russell brought the Cobb oven into play and made short work of grilling our sausages.

Having dropped all the kids ashore, Niki and I had a night on our own and we spent a peaceful night in Mylor Creek. The next day, we left Aurora in Mylor Marina and spent the day at Restronguet Sailing Club taking turns on the Dart with Ben. There was a decent breeze, so we all had a turn on the trapeze with Ben flying one hull. Alice discovered her inner speed freak and was completely fearless as we raced up to Black Rock and back. After a delicious birthday dinner with the Amos family, we spent another night in Mylor.


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