trip logs

Trip log: Enjoying the Falmouth sun

Having reunited the crew on Friday night, we awoke on Saturday morning ready to leave Mylor for a day and a night away. After a lovely breakfast at the cafe, we sailed Aurora to Falmouth and made a textbook drop off of Niki to do some shopping. The kids and I spent a happy couple of hours watching the world go by in the harbour, whilst Niki sorted out provisions.

After collecting Niki and the shopping from the quay, we set sail across the Carrick Roads towards Zone Point Lighthouse, looking for an anchorage off the sandy beach. It was a beat to get there but we were rewarded with a nice spot for lunch, after which the kids (and Niki) swam and rowed ashore to play. We were also joined by Zephyr, who rafted up with us and enjoyed the sun for most of the afternoon.

Whist at anchor, we drew up plans for the evening; Russell to sail across the bay to Helford and ourselves to poke our noses up the Percuil river. My initial plan was to take the ground, but I decided to stick to floating depth as, with four aboard, taking the ground might not have given everyone a comfortable night.

We had a relatively uneventful cruise up the river near to high tide, and the returned to a convenient pool opposite Priory Point, with several other yachts, for tea. As the sun set, we ate our rice and enjoyed the evening.

We were expecting the weather to turn and sure enough, at about 10pm the first spots of rain fell. Luckily, I had asked Niki to buy a tarp from Trago Mills, the local hardware shop. This 2.4 x 3.0m sheet as quickly rigged across the boom and provided a welcome shelter from the weather. I wonder how much we will need it in the next few days?


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