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Trip log: Pottering in the Percuil

We trailed Aurora to Falmouth for a holiday with our friends Ben and Sally, who live here. Travelling in convoy on the motorway with Zephyr, we left home at 0415 and arriving at Mylor at 0930 after an excellent journey. It was a stunning day, but very windy, and it soon became clear that there wasn’t much opportunity for sailing, or even motoring today. Therefore, the day was spent launching, tucking the trailers away and fettling the boat. Thanks to fellow Cape Cutter 19 owner, who lives locally, for looking after our trailer.

Saturday night was more peaceful, but the wind was still a steady F6-7, too much for day tripping with 3 adults and 4 kids, so I motored from Mylor to Falmouth with Ben and his two elder sons Zack (12) and Max (10), to pick,up Sally and the little ones- our Alice and Piran (5). The water in the Carrick Roads was pretty rough and I decided I did not want to punch into the stiff Easterly with so many aboard, so decided to potter up towards Penryn.

We picked up a mooring and had a lovely lunch in the sun and then sailed on staysail only all the way to Penryn and admired the houseboats, before turning round and motoring back to Falmouth.

By this time, the wind had subsided a bit and we motored across to St. Mawes, passing the wrong side of Lugo rock, since there was plenty of water. Once we reached this windward shore, it was like a different day with calm water, very little wind and warm sun and we trickled up the Percuil just a little beyond St. Mawes and dropped anchor close to a beach on the opposite side to the town.

The children (and Sally) had lots of fun jumping off boat and swimming around (in Sally’s case) and under (in Max’s case) the boat. After some snacks and hot drinks, prepared on the new galley, we sailed back to Falmouth. By this time, the wind had dropped considerably in the roads and we had a leisurely downwind sail on main and staysail back into Falmouth, where, after a deft piece of reversing, we managed to tuck unrafted into a spot at the pontoons near Custom Quay.

Having laid plans for tomorrow, Alice and I bid good night to Ben, Sally and the boys and then nipped into town for some well earned fish and chips. The sun set on a still evening in complete contrast to this morning, so we are hoping for a leisurely sail round to the Helford River tomorrow.

Total distance 12.7nm


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