trip logs

Trip Log: Northney to East Head

Tonight marked another first. Last weekend, Aimee and I left Aurora on her trailer at Northney. In the intervening week, the scratches left on her from Barmouth were repaired, as well as her top sides having a well-earned clean and polish. This meant she was almost ready to launch when we arrived today.

With excellent teamwork, Aurora was launched and ready for the off. Given the warm and very settled conditions, we motored down channel to the mouth of Chichester harbour in the gathering gloom. The sun was setting as we left and, even with these long days, it was full dark by the time we Arrived at East Head. This wonderful little anchorage understandably had a range of boats riding at anchor. However, Aurora’s very modest draught allowed us to slip in to a spot on the mirror calm water close to the shore.

Little Alice had already faded out by this time, but the anchor drop was performed in the dark with no fuss and we were soon all bedding down. Tis was the first night we had all slept at anchor in Aurora and a most peaceful night it was…


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