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Trip log: East Head to Portsmouth (again)

Fantastic weather! We have been blessed with two lovely weekends in a row. Today we awoke to a still and slightly misty morning at East Head (with 23 other boats!).

There was little wind, so after breakfast we motored against the incoming tide to the mouth of Chichester harbour.

We then followed the shore West with the tide and, although the wind was very light made a steady 3ks. We sneaked across the bank at the mouth of Langstone harbour with just enough water to avoid a detour and turned in to the shore and anchored for a swim.

This was rather brief, as the girls shrieked into the water, only to discover quite a strong tidal current parallel to the shore (which explained the lack of swimmers on the beach). With characteristic presence of mind, Niki threw the main sheet to the girls, so we avoided having to up anchor to retrieve them. Once aboard again, Aimee took great delight in jumping off, floating past and grabbing the swim ladder.

Once the swimmers had dried off, we continued along the Southsea shore, past the pier and into Haslar marina. Aimee had some more practice at radio drill, but got rather short shrift from the marina office. After freshening up and time for Alice to do some fishing in the marina, we then had a pleasant meal in Portsmouth before delivering a rather erratic Alice to the forepeak, with a promise of more fishing and swimming on the morrow. Meanwhile, it was a rare evening to sit out on the cushions in the cockpit and watch the world go by in the marina.

10.9nm, 4hrs 30 (including swim stop!). Avg speed 3kts.


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