Shake down trip

All last season, I struggled with Aurora’s main sheet arrangement. This had a tendency to tangle up, snag when gybing and generally fail to pay out. The fact that the cleat is on one side made things tricky on a port tack. Therefore, I fitted a strop between the two transom fittings with the block travelling on a pulley. This arrangement seems to work well. A new acquisition for this season is a yeoman sport plotter. I’d fancied getting one of these, as soon as I heard of them. Although I love gadgets, and have a plotter app, I also love charts and enjoy browsing through them. So a yeoman plotter, which allows accurate position fixing (and much else besides) on standard charts seemed like a no-brainer. Also has the benefit of being a backup if the power goes down. A quick shakedown cruise around Tremadog Bay was enough to show both changes are worthy improvements to Aurora.




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