Trip Log: Northney – Itchenor

Saturday October 6th 2012

This has been my first solo sailing trip. An early start from home got me to Northney at breakfast time and the launch was very smooth. Fortunately the boat just floated off the trailer and it was a simple matter to pull her alongside the pontoon.

The heavy rain of the previous night cleared away nicely and the weather was set fair, though with very little wind. When I set off, it was a case of motoring down to the turn at Fowley.

I ran on main and Yankee towards Hayling Island SC, though at low speed and had to use the engine after being overtaken by motoring boats. Once I reached the turn at the Fishery buoy, the engine was not needed and a nice gust had me reaching in fine style towards East Head.

East Head was popular today in the bright sun and light winds and I enjoyed a leisurely lunch watching the world go by.

After this was a beat up towards Itchenor, which ended up in company with two other gaffers and we played dodge the dinghy race in a steady F2-3 breeze.

I passed Itchenor but had to motor up the narrow channel with what wind there was on my nose. Turning in Chichester pool and cutting he engine, I sailed up past Dell Quay SC and contemplated anchoring at Copperas.

In the end I decided I would prefer to go ashore, so I motored into the sunset back to Itchenor and retired to the Ship Inn for tea.

Morning, 1115-13-15; 4.3nm, avg spd 2.0kt
Afternoon. 1415-1715; 7.8nm, avg speed 2.7kt





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