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Traditional Boat Festival 2012

Last weekend saw the Traditional Boat Festival, organised at Holyhead in Anglesey by the North Wales Old Gaffers Association. We’d never been to anything like it before and we had a ball!

Friday night kicked things off with a civic reception. Aimee was spotted by the live folk(ish) band and encouraged to join in on percussion. She also enjoyed having a real pirate parrot on her shoulder!

The main event for Saturday was a “race”, which we had no intention of doing more than following the course. The F6 made us quickly throw in a reef, but with the kids aboard, I didn’t fancy the long beat home, so we retired fairly early in the downwind leg (as did many others!). This excitement was rounded off by an excellent meal at Holyhead sailing club, some live music and picking up cruising tips from the locals.

Sunday dawned sunny with light winds- the best weather of the holiday. Perfect for the parade of sail with all the other gaffers, complete with water fights and live cannon fire! The girls had a whale of a time and we made fine progress in the flotilla, thanks to Niki’s excellent helming.

The weather was so nice, I decided to go for another sail in the afternoon with Russell, Trevor and Stefan. We reached across to Church Bay, anchoring from sail and then reaching back again (though progress was a little slow in the light airs).

Meanwhile the girls attended the prize giving and were absolutely delighted to each win a “youngest crew” prize. All in all a fabulous weekend and a brilliant advert for the Old Gaffers Association.






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